Getting Ready for A &P II! 5 things to remember

Welcome to A & P II!

You have made it this far, and you are one step closer to achieving your dream.

This is another roller coaster ride, and it does not have to be a painful one if you will realize 5 things:


#1. A & P II is a continuation of A & P I

Don’t we all wish this was not so? Unfortunately, this is the reality.We cannot know only certain parts of the human body and forget about the ones we do not like. The reason is that they are all connected. So it would be important to remember what was done in A & P I to make A & P II easier.

But hey, we are all human and we forget, so here is a post to help you review what you learned in A & P I plus… you should have your old notes handy…

#2.  Know what is expected of you and deliver

What would you think of me if you asked what my name was and I told you where I lived as my response? You would probably be like…


It is the same with A & P II, you need to know what your professor wants.If you know what your professor wants from you, and you give him just that…then you are definitely aiming for a nice juicy grade. But how can you know what your professor wants? Well, a good place to start is  to :

Read the objectives of the course, not just once but several times throughout the semester to remind yourself of what is expected.

Listen in class to the what the professor says, especially what he emphasizes on. Buzz words could be “I really want you to focus on this” or “This is very important.” or “Make sure you study this for your test.”  Keep and ear out for this and you are on your way to that A.

Go and ask the professor what he expects from you. If you do not want to play the guessing game, go straight to the professor and ask him what he expects from you this semester and he will gladly tell you. Make an appointment. Click Here for Professor Welsh’s hours

#3.You need to have a plan

In order to be successful at A & P II, you would need to create a plan. You would need to block out time in your schedule to study A & P II everyday. If you are the type that prefers to study in groups, find a couple of your classmates that you can study with ( not chat with, there is a difference). If you think you would need a Tutor, come on over to the Tutor Center and get yourself a Tutor.Write down your plan, stick it on your mirror, your wall or your fridge… wherever, just make sure you have a strategy…

#4. Constant review and repetition is key

For all health science courses, repetition is key. Because there are so many names… so many muscles…so many bones…so many nerves and so many functions to remember, you have to keep repeating them to remember them. Repetition can be in different ways…flashcards…quizzes…doing practice questions…studying your notes over and over…rewriting your notes… or just sitting down to reflect on what you know. The more you repeat it, the better you know it and the less likely you are to forget it.


#5.A & P II is just for a semester but it determines a lot about your life

In just 5 months, A & P II would be over, and you would never…never ever have to do it again once you have passed. It is 5 months, compared to your whole life but it is an important 5 months. It is the 5 months that determine if you get to be what you want to be… so put in your best.

Hard work has never killed anyone…hold off all the other stuff, once you are done, you can go back…Your are almost there. Put in your best and you will be glad you did…

If you have any questions or contributions, comment below



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