How to create a plan of study for A & P II

We recently posted about the 5 things you need to know for A & P II. In that article, we talked about creating a study plan.

In order to pass A & P and pass it well, it is important that you create a plan of study and stick with it.

Here is a sample study plan template looks like:


Click here fora step by step guide on how to create a study plan.

Download a free study plan template here:blank-study-schedule-template-free-download-word-format

You may say ,”This is old school, I am a millennial  and I use my phone for everything.”


Well, you are in luck, here are some free apps to help you plan your study time:

  1. SQA My study plan
  2. My study life
  3. Wunderlist app

Tell us what you think and ask your questions: Comment below



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