How to move from a C to an A in A & P II! Shh…its a secret…

There is one smart thing you can do for endocrine A & P that would literally get your grades up!!

People who have used this method before have come out with spectacular results.


I kid you not!

Are you ready for the secret?

Review questions!!

It sounds simple but it works!! The more questions you practice, the better prepared you are for your exams.

You may ask : Well…where do I get these review questions?

  1. From your Professor: Did your professor give you review questions? It would be smart to take those very seriously.
  2. vlrcgv6kbocca
  3. From the textbook: If you need more review questions, you can find some more in your textbook, but questions your professor raised or given in class are the MOST IMPORTANT.
  4. Online: You can find review questions on any topic in the world! You can also find old college exams in endocrinology. If you Google site:edu [Endocrine] exam. You will find previous Endocrine A & P finals.

Here is an example of Exam Final questions ( from other schools) : Exam for Endocrine Physiology

Once you have gotten the review questions. Answer them, write down the answers and keep that notepad safe .. for future exam prep!

Do this and you will not regret it!

Do you have any questions? Concerns? Are there any review questions you would like us to answer on the blog? Post your questions in the comment section below and we will get back to you ASAP!



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