Response to student’s question on endocrine A & P: “What type of hormones are Peptide hormones and what type of hormones are Steroid Hormones?”

This blog post is a response to a question from one of your classmates on the endocrine A & P.

Peptide Versus Steroid hormones

Hormones can generally be classified into two: Peptide Hormones and Steroid Hormones.

Peptide hormones are made up of amino acids ( proteins)...They are water- soluble and act through second messengers.

and Steroid hormones are derivatives of cholesterol. They are lipid soluble and go directly to the nucleus to exert their effect.

Some examples of Peptide Hormones include:

Growth Hormone






Examples of Steroid hormones include:





But how in the world are you supposed to remember which is belongs where. Here is a TIP:

TIP: Steroid hormones are hormones of the Adrenal cortex and sex hormones ( from the sex organs – uterus and testes)

Here are more resources to better help you understand Peptide vs steroid hormones:


Adrenal Cortex hormones

Short 2-minute animation:


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