How to overcome test – taking anxiety

Anxiety before a big test is normal. You even need some level of anxiety to be able to do well in a test. However, there is a paralyzing fear that is very unhealthy for examinations and tests. This type of fear can lead to poor performance on a test or exam.

This type of paralyzing fear causes palpitations ( heart beating very fast) or sweating excessively, having breathing problems or even feeling like you are going to pass out. If this is you, keep on reading.


The first question to ask yourself is why… why are you excessively anxious about the test?

Is it because you do not feel prepared? Is it because you fear the consequences of failure? Is it because you have failed before?

Knowing the root cause of the cause of your anxiety is the first step in knowing how to get rid of it.

If the cause is unpreparedness, then prepare as much as you can. You can find how to prepare for your A & P II test at this link : How to prepare for A & P II test.

Other things that you can do are:

    1. Relax before the test:

      This means that you should give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax. It also means that you should eat well on the day before and the morning of the exam. Do something that relaxes you e.g exercise , prayer, yoga.

    1. Avoid negativity:

      Avoid thinking negative thoughts. Do not think that you are going to fail, rather think that you are going to pass and pass well. Avoid people who may make you feel bad about yourself or make you doubt your preparedness.

    1. Talk to yourself:

      Encourage yourself. Tell yourself that you are smart and you have studied and are prepared.

    1. Get everything set for the test:

      Make sure you have everything you need for the test or exams. These might include pencils, erasers, pens, small snack e.t.c

                   1. Go to bed early:

This helps to clear your head before the big day. It would also help prevent fatigue which can make you forget even things you know.

    1. Go to the test confident:

      At the exam hall, take a deep breath and keep encouraging yourself. When you get the questions, read the instructions carefully and answer one question at a time. If there is a question you do not know, skip it and answer others and then return to it later.

 and lastly…Keep calm.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section below and we would get back to you ASAP!




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    Which type of hormone are peptide hormones? Which type of hormone are steroids?

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