Student’s question (9) :”Can you explain how Lipid and water soluble hormones effect the speed and duration of effect on target cell?”

This blog post is a response to a students question.

Water soluble hormones are amino acid based hormones except thyroid and these hormones act directly on the receptors that are present on the plasma membrane.
Lipid soluble hormones on the other hand are steroid and thyroid hormones and bind directly to receptors that are found inside the cell (cytoplasm or nucleus).
Water soluble hormones act faster than lipid soluble hormones. They activate reactions within the cell by binding to the plasma membrane.
Water soluble hormones have short duration of action because they have short half-lives.
Lipids soluble hormones on the other hand have to cross the cell membrane to interact with intracellular receptors ( receptors inside the cell) usually in the nucleus in order to interact with DNA. Interaction with DNA would lead to that production of proteins and all this takes much longer.
Lipid soluble hormones have longer half- lives and therefore have long duration of action.


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