Here are all the questions…

Over the last few months, some of your classmates have asked questions on A & P on this blog.

Here is a list of all the questions and answers. It would help you prepare for your upcoming test! Here they are:

Question 1:”What type of hormones are Peptide hormones and what type of hormones are Steroid Hormones?”

Question 2:“How are Insulin, Aldosterone, Epinephrine, Prolactin, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, and Luteinzing Hormone all controlled?”

Question 3:“Describe the three things that determine the strength and impact of a hormone on a target cell?”

Question 4:”By looking at a blood sample, how do you know what type of blood group it belongs in?

Question 5:”Can you help with cardiac contraction please?”

Question 6:”Can you describe the process of removing old erythrocytes from the blood and which parts of hemoglobin are re-used by the body?”

Question 7:”Can you please help me figure our what pacemaker cells are and where they are primarily found in the heart?”

Question 8:”Can you explain what a valve is? Also, how are the septum and valves related; what do they have in common”

Question 9:”Can you explain how Lipid and water soluble hormones effect the speed and duration of effect on target cell?”

Question 10:”I don’t know how to describe the pathway air flows through the body in the Respiratory System”

Question 11: “What is the difference between respiration and breathing?”

Do you have any more questions? Post them in the comment section below and we would get back to you ASAP!!



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