7 Last minute exam preparation tips!

Very soon, you would be taking your next A & P exam. It is important to fully maximize these few hours left to make sure that you are fully prepared.

At this time, we do not expect you to be reading though the text book, word for word. Even if you have to use your textbook, you should be looking for specific things.

Here are some last minute exam preparation tips that actually do work…

    1. Look through any Review questions and Review notes: If you professor gave you any review questions, go through those.  If you have review notes that you made previously, this would be a good time to go through those notes as well.


2. Work on your weak areas. If there are any parts of A & P that you feel less than confident in, do not wish it away. Do something about it. Read and re- read the material that is challenging for you, ask a friend to explain certain things to you or post your questions on this blog.

3. Flash cards. There is no better time to review your flash cards than a few hours before your exam.

Here are some flash cards for you..
a. 100 Flash cards in respiratory A & P
b. Immune system flash cards
c. Blood Vessel A & P flash cards

4. Relax and take a walk. Be sure to take a break to relax your brain. Before the exam, make sure you get some good quality sleep. Being exhausted while taking an exam can affect your grades negatively.


5. Pack your bag. Get ready everything you would need for the exam; pencils, pens e.t.c

6. Get rid of test taking anxiety. Read this post on  getting rid of test taking anxiety. Click here: how to get rid of test taking anxiety.

7. Ask your questions. If you have any questions on A & P II, post them in the comment section below and we would get back to you ASAP!



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