Academic Coaching

Professional Academic Coaches guide students in becoming successful interdependent learners by coaching students in the application of essential learning principles and study strategies, such as time management and balancing competing priorities, organization, goal setting and attainment, note-taking, test taking and study skills, reading and comprehension, writing skills, and the use of technology tools to maximize learning. Coaches assist students in implementing learning strategies that align with their individual learning style and strengths, while helping students enhance academic skills in areas they wish to improve. Students will form new study habits to the benefit of their academic performance and develop academic confidence.

Academic coaches also support students’ academic success by matching students with peer and professional tutors, providing referrals to other campus resources, and assisting students in their process of determining a major/career. Students typically meet with their assigned academic Coach either weekly or bi-weekly for 30-60 minute sessions. Academic Coaches are available to meet with students by appointment Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

To request an Academic Coach, please visit or call the Tutor Center at 978-665-3499 to make an appointment.