Writing Tutoring

For help with  writing assignments in any subject individual peer writing tutors are available by request. Also students can submit their papers to professional online writing tutors. With focus on clear communication, the peer and professional tutors work together with writers at all levels, in all stages of the writing process for planning, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading. Each meeting begins in the same manner with a discussion of the assignment. What happens next depends on where the student is in the writing process and what their needs are. Tutors do not write on or edit the students’ papers. The student is the author, problems are addressed together, but the student makes the final writing decisions. Further information on the writing process and writing resources can be found here.

To request a tutor, please visit or call the tutor center at 978-665-3499 to make a 20 minute appointment. Students benefit most from tutoring by requesting a tutor within the five weeks of the semester and study with the tutor twice weekly for one hour sessions.